The Process

  • You make the excellent decision to let Big Sky Sales represent you in the sale of your vehicle!
  • We have a quick phone conversation allowing us to get to know a little bit more about you and your vehicle.
  • The research professionals at Big Sky Sales research all the values of your vehicle. Both on the popular vehicle valuation web sites, and on the scales that banks use to lend on vehicles. We will also do research of the local market to see what vehicles similar to yours are being listed for, and SELLING for.
  • We set up a face to face meeting. We learn all the rest of the things we need to know about your vehicle, take excellent photos, and gather all the data we need before we proceed to utilize all of the excellent marketing tools of Big Sky Sales.
  • We handle all of the customer inquiries and showings from here on out. All you have to worry about doing is having your vehicle available to us for showings, and accepting CASH!


Things We Require

  • Big Sky Sales requires that you have your title notarized and ready to go before we attempt to sell your vehicle. Keeps everything smooth as silk.
  • Big Sky Sales requires you carry, at the very least, the state minimum insurance requirements on the vehicle you are selling. In the state of Montana, that’s 25/50/10.

Things We Recommend

  • Carry full coverage insurance!  In the state of Montana, even if someone is test driving your vehicle, you are still responsible for any damages done to it. Stay informed, and stay safe!
  • Clean Your Car! Your car will sell much quicker, and for more money, if you have your car clean when we take the photos of it. Wash it, vacuum it, and de-clutter it!
  • Have a recent oil change done! Many times, potential buyers will check the oil in your vehicle to see that you have done the necessary maintenance. If you have dirty oil, even if you have done all the necessary maintenance, they might think that you haven’t. This might cause the loss of a sale on your vehicle.